Welcome to the website of the Shepherd’s Bush Market Tenants’ Association.
The Shepherd’s Bush Market Tenants’ Association (SBMTA) was established in the 1950’s and is a non profit association, serving the interests and concerns of our members. The SBMTA holds a membership of 90% of the all the tenants within Shepherd’s Bush Market.
Shepherd’s Bush Market was originally established in 1914, and for the first 100 years was owned and managed by London Underground Ltd. / Transport for London.
The market is renowned for its value for money, and its wonderful multicultural influences. Many of the businesses are of long-standing, family establishments, which have been passed from one generation to the next. This precious slice of London is where the unique, quirky and eclectic come together.

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Additional Information

On the 26th February 2014 the market was sold, and the stewardship was passed over to property developers  – ‘Orion Shepherd’s Bush (Market) Ltd.’

It is our understanding ‘Orion Shepherd’s Bush (Market) Ltd.’ is partially owned by   development company ‘U+I Group Plc.’

U+I Group Plc. address is: –  7A Howick Place, London SW1P 1DZ.

Due to the potentially detrimental and damaging proposals of the developer – Orion Shepherd’s Bush (Market) Ltd. the SBMTA took legal steps to protect the livelihoods to protect the Shepherd’s Bush Market businesses.

The developers aspirations to build luxury apartments onto of Shepherd’s Bush Market was fought in the High Court Of Appeal with the assistance of Leigh Day and Matrix Chambers.

To read the Court of Appeal’s judgement (The SBMTA’s win): Horada and others v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and others.

Ruling on 18th March 2016:


Ruling on 22nd July 2016: